How Wisconsin’s Public Defender Shortage May Affect Criminal Cases

Did you know that Wisconsin is experiencing a shortage of public defenders? Hundreds of cases are being delayed each day simply because defendants are waiting for a public defender to take their case. What does this mean for criminal courts and defendants? The Court Several significant criminal cases have been delayed due to the lack of public […]

Don’t Become a Statistic

Internet sex crime charges have become more common in recent years and are prosecuted aggressively. Click the link below to learn more about online sex crime statistics and get in touch with us to prevent becoming a statistic.

What is “Pillow Talk Privilege”?

Wisconsin law protects spouses from having to testify to incriminating information their spouses tell them in confidence. This is because of something referred to as the “pillow talk” privilege. For example, a wife does not have to testify that her husband confessed to committing a crime. In fact, that husband can prevent this – in […]

What Is the Age of Consent in Wisconsin?

Did you know that Wisconsin actually has two ages of consent? These are the ages of sixteen and eighteen. Continue reading to find out the stipulations of each. Age of Consent: Eighteen If you are eighteen or older, you can consent to any sexual activity if you are sober, not handicapped, or under the influence […]

What Does Consent Look Like?

One of the biggest debates in sex crimes cases: was it consensual? Consent is the agreement between two parties to engage in sexual activity. A party can say no, change their mind at any time, or say yes to certain things and no to others. Consent is a broad topic, but you should know all […]

Embezzlement Requires a Strong Defense

Embezzlement is one of the most commonly charged white collar crimes at the state and federal level. If you have been accused of embezzlement you cannot afford to wait for your case to play out. You need an experienced criminal defense lawyer limiting your exposure to harsh penalties such as fines and prison time.

People Can No Longer Sue for Miranda Violations

Under a new Supreme Court ruling, subjects can no longer sue law enforcement for violating their Fifth Amendment rights for not being read the Miranda Rights warning. What does this mean going forward? What Sparked This Change? The Vega v. Tekoh, case sparked the turn of events regarding Miranda. A nursing assistant, Tekoh, faced accusations he sexually assaulted an immobile […]

How to Avoid a Drunk Driving Accident this Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is statistically one of the top ten weekends when it comes to drunk drivers on the road. It is important to take extra precautions when driving anywhere this weekend. Here are six safe-driving tips for Memorial Day weekend. 1. Buckle up Although a seatbelt is required by law, many people still do […]