How can embezzlement accusations be derailed?

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2019 | Firm News

Businesses take the possibility of embezzlement seriously. However, it does not mean that you as a worker should have your rights trampled upon if an employer suspects you of stealing from the company. In fact, a Wisconsin employer may end up in legal trouble for mistreating you during the course of investigating you, which can include violating your privacy rights under federal law.

Per The Hartford, the federal government has made it a crime to wiretap or in some other manner record the conversations of other parties unless court approval has been acquired or unless the parties being recorded have granted consent. So if you have been recorded without your knowledge for the purposes of investigating you, the employer may be held liable. An employer may face additional charges for using or making such recordings available to the public or other parties.

Many companies employ video surveillance cameras throughout their facilities. As far as these cameras are concerned, as long as employees are notified of their presence, the law typically allows their use. Additionally, the cameras should not pick up audio, so video cameras should only play back moving images without accompanying sound.

Also, if an employer pushes too far and makes your situation at work miserable while investigating you, the employer could be guilty of harassment. If the employer seems to judge you as guilty, you could have a case that the employer is making you emotionally distressed. And should an employee outwardly accuse or fire you without hard evidence, you could sue the employer on the grounds of defamation.

Additionally, state law may provide more restrictions on how an employer conducts investigations of its workers. A professional defense attorney may be able to assist you in learning your options under law. Since embezzlement investigations will vary, do not read this article as legal advice. It is only intended as general information.