Could a drinking issue be to blame for your recent DUI?

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You may join your coworkers or friends for drinks a few times a week at a local Wisconsin bar. Occasionally, you may overindulge and feel you are fine to drive yourself home. Unfortunately, the last time you did so, you ended up with a DUI…and it was not your first. Are you a social drinker, or could you have an issue with drinking? can help you determine the true reason for your run-ins with the law. Get to the bottom of the truth regarding your relationship with alcohol.

Should you cut back on drinking?

Maybe you feel bothered by the amount of alcohol you consume each week. If you have ever considered cutting back, it was likely for good reason. Perhaps you tried scaling back in the past and were unsuccessful. Either way, you have to be 100% honest with yourself when answering this question.

Has anyone commented on your drinking?

It could be that a friend, family member or someone else close to you pointed out how much you drink. If so, think about how you reacted to the comment. Did you grow annoyed, or did you laugh it off? No matter your reaction or response, deep down, you may have felt a measure of annoyance. If so, ask yourself why.

Does alcohol come before everything else?

Those who have a drinking problem may put their hobbies, passions and even their job aside to indulge in alcohol. At the least, you may no longer engage in activities that bring you joy as much as you used to, choosing to have a drink or two instead.

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