What is Xanax abuse?

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Xanax belongs to a class of drugs known as benzodiazepines. These are a type of tranquilizer that is often used to manage anxiety disorders, relax muscles, or control seizures. In recent years, Xanax abuse has been on the rise, especially among young people. While some consider this drug to be relatively harmless, it can lead to serious dependency problems, which are accompanied by damaging withdrawal effects.

Symptoms of Xanax abuse

Xanax and drugs like it are often provided by medical practitioners to address the effects of insomnia by inducing sleepiness. Taking more of the drug that’s recommended causes a drowsy feeling. Dizziness can also occur at high doses, as can blurred vision and lack of coordination. Because Xanax impacts the central nervous system, its sedative effects can be especially profound, to the point where a person has difficulty staying awake.

Why Xanax abuse occurs

There is no one factor that leads a person to have a higher risk of substance abuse. However, many people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol do tend to have certain factors in common. Unemployment, a history of drug use and abuse, and being surrounded by peers who also take drugs can all contribute to a person’s addictive qualities. There may also be a genetic link, as people with addiction problems in their families are also more likely to experience problems of their own.

The consequences of Xanax abuse

Xanax can be abused chronically or use can eventually lead to overdose. When taken with alcohol, Xanax can even lead to death due to respiratory failure. Coma is another possible outcome of Xanax abuse, particularly when an overdose occurs. While immediate medical assistance should be sought if an overdose is suspected, a person must also undergo long-term rehabilitation to break from the addiction cycle.