3 of your most important rights

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2020 | Firm News

After an arrest, police officers and prosecutors tend to do everything possible to make you believe you do not have rights. We see many people who fall victim to this type of persuasion. 

One of the best things you could do after an arrest would be to learn and protect your rights. Here are three of the most important protections the law could offer you. 

1. Your right to counsel

One of your important rights in a criminal situation is access to a lawyer. This is probably the first right you would want to exercise. 

Prosecuting attorneys might attempt to convince you that getting a lawyer would only make things worse. Police might want to have informal conversations with you before your lawyer arrives. 

Please remember that these people would not be working in your best interests. You would probably want to withhold any action until you get a full legal picture of your situation — usually from a lawyer who is duty-bound to protect you. 

2. Your right to silence

You do not have to tell police anything in most situations. Sometimes, officers could ask for identification. Apart from that — especially after an arrest — you would want to very carefully consider anything you say from the perspective of the impact it might have upon your case. 

3. Your right to fairness

You also have the right to an expeditious trial and to certain protections regarding your freedom. These are slightly more complicated than your right to remain silent or to an attorney, but they are equally as important. For example, it is sometimes unreasonable for police to hold you — but they may typically do so until you object in the correct manner. 

Police and prosecutors truly may use nearly anything you do or say against you. Your rights matter — please protect them as much as possible in order to secure the best available outcome for your case.