What do you know about fighting DUI charges?

On Behalf of | May 7, 2021 | Firm News

You received a driving under the influence charge from Wisconsin law enforcement not too long ago, but something does not sit right with you about how the situation played out. Should you fight the charge?

American Addiction Centers explains common DUI defenses. Work with an experienced professional to fight your charge and assert your rights.

The officer did not have a reason to stop you

Do you know if the arresting officer followed the right procedure when stopping or detaining you? Try to recall as many concrete details of your arrest as possible, writing them to determine if the police had a valid legal reason to pull you over on suspicion of drunk driving.

You were not driving

Were you actually behind the wheel when police arrested you for driving under the influence? Sometimes, law enforcement arrests and charges the wrong person, but this does not happen often. The specific circumstances of your arrest determine whether you should attempt to use this defense, so consult with a professional to find out if it makes sense to take this approach.

The police do not have viable evidence

Do you have a medical condition that makes it seem as if you had a few drinks before getting behind the wheel? Perhaps a medication you take makes you drowsy. You may need a witness to attest to your innocence if you use this defense. If the police took dashcam footage of your arrest, a professional may help you secure the video feed to challenge the arresting officer’s evidence or statement.

You do not have to roll over and accept your DUI. Consider fighting the charge if you feel you have a solid defense.