How should you address former drug charges in a job interview?

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2021 | Criminal Defense

Even though you faced legal consequences for drug crimes in Wisconsin at one time, you can still turn your life around and find fulfillment and success. One of the best things you can do to kickstart change is to find employment.

Walking into a job interview knowing that your criminal past may be a topic of conversation can feel uncomfortable. However, if you address your past the right way and exude confidence and dignity, you still have a winning chance at making a memorable first impression.

Dress the part

Getting a job interview is a big deal regardless of your situation. This is the next step toward making a better life for you and those you love. In preparation for your interview, find something to wear that will elevate your appearance and reflect your professionalism and opt for a modest hairstyle.

Practice your greeting with family and friends. Show enthusiasm, use professional language and make eye contact. Be mindful of your body language. Even just a little bit of practice can go a long way in helping you to feel more confident when you arrive for your actual interview.

Highlight strengths

Talking about your past can make you feel uncomfortable, but it is best not to let it show. According to Monster, always answer questions honestly and take accountability for your actions. When answering questions, avoid oversharing. Provide enough context to answer the question without providing sensitive and unnecessary details.

One strategy you can use is to highlight how your past experiences have allowed you to learn valuable lessons. Then you can transition into how the lessons you learned have enabled you to build and strengthen specific skills. Your dignity in discussing your past can help you market your skills and credibility with precision.