Are you eligible for Drug Court in Dane County?

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A Wisconsin drug conviction may lead to considerable penalties, and offenders may face fines, jail time and other repercussions in the aftermath. Depending on circumstances, offenders may be able to avoid having to go to jail or prison after a drug conviction by instead enrolling in drug court.

Per the Dane County Clerk of Courts, the county operates three drug court programs. It has a drug court treatment program, a drug court diversion program and a deferred prosecution unit. All three divisions have similar goals.

Drug court goals and objectives

Drug courts have several goals and objectives. They seek to get to the route of substance abuse problems by giving participants resources and interventions to help them abstain from using. Drug courts also seek to reduce recidivism by targeting the substance dependency, itself, which is often the root cause of criminal behavior. A third goal of the county’s drug court programs is to reduce racial disparities that exist within the criminal justice system.

Drug court eligibility

Offenders who wish to enroll in one of Dane County’s drug court programs must meet certain eligibility requirements before doing so. Enrollees must be facing felony drug charges, and they also have to be residents of Dane Count, with very few exceptions. The charge an enrollee is facing also has to be non-violent. Furthermore, the enrollee also has to demonstrate a willingness to undergo treatment and take steps to overcome his or her substance dependency.

Typically, once someone enrolls in and completes a drug court program in Dane County, the drug-related charges he or she faced undergo dismissal and the offender should be able to avoid jail or prison time.