Child Pornography Defense

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Aggressive Defense Against Child Pornography Charges

Any sexually-based charge involving children has the potential to upend your life regardless of whether you are convicted. It is crucial to seek the advice and representation of an experienced defense lawyer as soon as you are accused or catch wind of an investigation.

In Madison and throughout central and western Wisconsin, you can rely on me to provide you with a strong, thorough and discreet defense against child pornography charges, including those stemming from accusations of possession or distribution of child pornography. This includes digital imagery, undeveloped film, photographic negatives, and video.

Wisconsin Child Pornography Penalties

The penalties for child pornography crimes are severe, including up to 25 years in prison, six figure fines, sex offender registration and the collateral consequences that come from having a felony sex crime on your record. There is no such thing as a light sentence – even a single count of possession of child pornography comes with a minimum prison sentence of three years.

You Need Help Today

Your rights, your reputation, and your future are all on the line if you have been accused of or charged with a child pornography crime. You cannot afford to wait and hope that things turn out in your favor; you need the fierce advocacy of a proven criminal defense lawyer to limit your exposure to criminal penalties and other damages.

I have produced positive outcomes for people in your shoes and can provide you with the counsel and representation you need during this difficult time. Call 608-401-4507 or contact me online to schedule a free consultation.