First Degree Sexual Assault Penalties

Question: What Are The Penalties For First Degree Sexual Assault In Wisconsin?

Answer: First-degree sexual assault in Wisconsin is a Class B felony, and that is a crime that requires the state to prove that you used force or not gotten consent to have sexual contact or sexual intercourse with someone. A Class B felony in the state of Wisconsin, you can be in prison for up to 60 years and 40 years of that can be ordered to be served in prison, 20 years on what we used to call parole, we now call extended supervision. A side note: Wisconsin is what we call a Truth In Sentencing state: The judge decides how long you will go to prison, and the judge decides how long you will be on supervision when you get out. So, in a Class B felony context, you can be imprisoned overall for up to 60 years and the judge can order 40 years of that in prison and 20 years on extended supervision.

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