How to Avoid a Drunk Driving Accident this Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is statistically one of the top ten weekends when it comes to drunk drivers on the road. It is important to take extra precautions when driving anywhere this weekend. Here are six safe-driving tips for Memorial Day weekend.

1. Buckle up

Although a seatbelt is required by law, many people still do not “click it.” Many if not most who are killed in car accidents are not wearing seat belt. So, if you also want to celebrate Independence Day, Buckle Up this Memorial Day weekend.

2. Designate a sober driver or arrange other transportation

Alcohol is a major factor in fatal highway accidents year-round. Be sure to designate a sober driver for this Memorial Day weekend so you do not become a sad statistic. And “sober” means 0.00 BAC, not just “a few less.”

3. Drive slowly

If you are unsure of the speed limit, just drive no faster than the traffic around you. Speeding is responsible for more than a quarter of all fatal traffic accidents. Be careful, be alert, be sober – and slow down!

4. Be prepared

Before you drive anywhere, be sure your vehicle will get you there safely: check the oil, check the tire pressure and top off your tank (prices are rising so this will also save you a few bucks by Monday!) Also, always carry a car first aid kit, a spare tire, some water and his, and any other necessities in case of an emergency.

5. Drive without distractions

Cell phones and other distractions are among the leading causes of death from car accidents. So, for a safer trip, put the top down, crack your windows, grab your sunglasses and then minimize all distractions while you head out this Memorial Day weekend!

6. Check your car before locking it

The leading cause of non-crash-related death for children is vehicular heatstroke. Be sure to check your back seats for children (or Fido and Fifi) before locking your car and walking away.

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