There Is Hope After An Impaired Driving Fatality

One decision can change a life — or several lives. If you were involved in a motor vehicle accident in which someone was killed and authorities have charged you with driving while intoxicated, you may face charges of vehicular homicide or vehicular manslaughter. You could face up to 25 years in prison — or 40 years if you had a prior drunk driving conviction on your record when the fatal accident occurred. You also risk losing your driver’s license for up to five years.
The attorney you hire to defend you in such a serious case will likely have a significant impact on the outcome. At the law office of Christopher T. Van Wagner S.C. in Madison, I have represented hundreds of individuals in a wide range of drunk driving cases, including cases involving serious accidents.

You Need A Former Prosecutor On Your Side

I defended countless clients facing operating while intoxicated (OWI) charges. My previous work as a state and federal prosecutor provides me with a clear understanding of the complexities involved in OWI homicide cases.
It is critical to enlist the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as you can. I will review every aspect of your arrest to determine if law enforcement authorities violated your constitutional rights or made mistakes in administering a roadside test or determining your blood alcohol content (BAC).

You Have Options. Call Now For A Free Consultation.

I am well-known for aggressively fighting for reduced charges, suspended sentences, alternative sentences and acquittals. During your free consultation, I will review the facts of your case, tell you what you can expect and create a plan of action. Call 608-401-4507 or request an appointment online to receive one-on-one attention from a veteran Madison defense attorney.
I defend clients against all types of criminal charges, including sex crimes and violent offenses. Do not hesitate to call to discuss any criminal charge. My firm is available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.