Defending Clients Facing Sexual Assault Accusations For More Than 30 Years

Claiming that a sexual encounter was consensual can be an effective defense against a sexual assault charge, but it requires working with a lawyer who is willing to go to trial.
At Christopher T. Van Wagner S.C., in Madison, I prepare every case with the intention of going to trial if necessary to obtain the best possible outcome. I have gotten a number of charges reduced without a trial. Not every criminal defense attorney is able to accomplish this. I am an experienced litigator and a former prosecutor with extensive trial experience. I will advocate aggressively on your behalf if necessary.

It Is Your Word Against Theirs

Cases in which a victim alleges lack of consent often involve alcohol consumption and a claim that the victim was unable to provide consent. It is important to understand that not only can charges stem from a person’s accusation that a sexual encounter was not consensual, but a jury can also convict based solely on an accuser’s words.

Now Is Not The Time To Take Matters Into Your Own Hands

If you have been questioned regarding an accusation of sexual assault — even if you have not been arrested — it is important to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. The presumption of innocence that is theoretically a cornerstone of the American judicial system often seems to disappear in sexual assault cases. As a practical matter, never make the mistake of assuming, “It’s just a ‘he said/she said’ case. I can handle this.” You need to work with a Wisconsin attorney who knows how to develop a strong defense strategy and who is prepared to go to trial.

Do Not Back Down. Call Me Directly To Fight Back.

A sex crime conviction can change your life, but a charge does not mean that your future is set in stone. I will be personally invested in your case and will defend you as I would defend my family members. I will gather crucial evidence to create a strong defense and persuade the court to rule in your favor. You need help — I am here as a resource. Call 608-401-4507 ​or submit the online request form to attend a free consultation.