Your Right to Ask For a Different Judge

The right of an accused person to substitute out the judge set to hear their case is a hot-button topic in today’s news cycle. Details from the Manhattan criminal trial of President Donald J. Trump have led many to call for the substitution of presiding Judge Juan Merchan due to assumed bias. Many have said […]

Why Won’t the Judge Dismiss My Case?


There are many possible outcomes to a criminal case, including a dismissal. However, dismissal is rare, and judges don’t often dismiss cases. So, if you are charged with a crime, it helps to understand how a case might get dismissed and why a dismissal – which everyone wants – often isn’t possible. First Things First: […]

What Counts As Evidence In Sexual Assault


Wisconsin laws broadly define sexual assault, with different degrees of sexual assault depending on the seriousness of the charge. Sexual assault may be anything from unwanted sexual touching through another person’s clothing to penetration or rape. If you’ve been accused of rape or sexual assault, you’re likely worried about your future and potential legal consequences […]

Accused of Sexual Assault? Here’s What to Do (and Not to Do)

Being accused of sexual assault is a terrifying experience. In many cases, the people who are accused feel like these allegations are coming out of nowhere and want to take immediate action to defend their good name – and their future. As someone accused of sexual assault, it’s important to know that the things you […]

Can You Be Convicted for OWI Without a Breathalyzer?

Being pulled over by law enforcement for suspected drunk or otherwise impaired driving is no less than a harrowing experience. Whether this is your first time or you have been in this position before, you likely have many questions and wonder what will happen next. Will you be convicted? What will the consequences be? An […]

What Do I Do After Being Arrested For A Federal Crime?

Navigating the legal system after being arrested for a federal crime can be overwhelming, but it’s important to take action quickly to ensure that your rights are protected to the fullest extent of the law. Federal crimes are typically more serious than state crimes, and they carry heavier penalties. If you have been arrested for […]